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Interactive Map

To get a closer look at each space, click on a colored section of the floor plan.

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Sales Kit

KMA Sales Kit

Virtual Map

Take a virtual tour by clicking on the plus signs (+) to navigate through our Event Center, Breezeway, and Reflections Garden. This will allow you to experience the event center by panning up and down, left and right, etc. Keep in mind that we have extensive Las Vegas event hosting services on hand to transform any room into the decorative theme of your choosing.

Don’t be limited by our Walls

  • Since you will have exclusive use of the grounds for the duration of your event, you are free to expand into the breezeway and Gehry-designed gardens. Create an expansive experience that includes a red carpet entrance through the breezeway or host a tented VIP lounge in the Garden. Allow your imagination to run wild and create an experience unlike any other.

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Keep Memory Alive Event Center
888 W Bonneville Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone No: 702.263.9797 , Email: eventcenter@keepmemoryalive.org